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Matching mom daughter leggings - best idea ever (or not?)


Posted on November 23 2021

Matching mom daughter leggings - best idea ever (or not?)

If you are an active mom, and with that also a leggings affectionate - this must have crossed your mind... Are matching mom daughter leggings a good idea? Let's see pro's and con's...


- cutest thing ever :) This point is not discussable, sorry

- promoting active lifestyle (that is what active wear is for)

- doing things together: what a perfect way to include your kid in something that is important to you an have fun while you're at it.


- once you wear leggings, you don't go back. So instead of one activewear addict in the family, you will soon have two ;)

If this inspired you to buy a matching mom daughter set of pants for yoga, pilates or any other activity you love doing together, check out our website and find the selected designs we make as matching sets. In the photo: Hummingbird

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