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Best workout leggings for every activity


Posted on April 22 2021

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Photo: Compression leggings


When it comes to leggings, there is no such thing as overall best performer – when trying to decide the best performing ones, it depends on your activity, i.e. how you exercise.


For yoga, the most important feature of yoga leggings (or yoga pants) would definitely be high waist - to keep you covered in all your poses. Second mandatory feature is stretchy – as the last thing you want in your yoga class is a ripped seam in your crotch; hence, good quality yoga leggings have a gusset, which is a triangular piece of fabric in the crotch area designed to prevent ripping. Don’t forget breathability, which is important for all activities – you would have figured by now – 100% polyester is not very breathable. Also, not very stretchy either, and it doesn’t stay put. For best performing yoga leggings, aim for polyester/spandex blend (around 80%:20%) or nylon/spandex. Pilates can, together with yoga, be categorised into low-impact workout so similar leggings would be suitable for both.


For running and other high impact exercise, such as group fitness (HIIT, spin, etc.) your wourkout gear needs to be sweat-wicking so you don’t end up with sweat patches all over you. If you go with leggings for this purpose, then you can opt between classic gym leggings (basically polyester/spandex leggings used for low impact workout) or compression leggings – these are designed to support the circulation and maximise your performance (not only to make you look skinny). They are also used during recovery period after an injury. With gym leggings, go can go for capri or cropped option, or yoga shorts / bike shorts. Just make sure they don’t ride up while you exercise. If you do bending or squats, you definitely want squat proof leggings, so make sure to test the fabric (or if you’re buying online, look for the photo proof of “squat proof”). Printed leggings are usually not see through but can show a bit of white undercoat, as they are mostly printed on white “base”. Because of that, make sure you don’t size down for printed leggings, especially if the design is dark in color.


There you go… We sorted out your activewear, now all you need to do is get active! If you want to be active in style, check out our selection of high waist leggings, capri leggings, sports bras, tanks and casualwear at www.peace-lover.com

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