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Gift ideas for her


Posted on November 07 2022


Ok, first of all, let's answer the age-old question - what do women really want? They want activewear :) Have you looked around lately and wondered why activewear is becoming a wardrobe staple? Activewear - and especially high waisted leggings - enhances the appearance in many ways. In other words, it makes the body look more toned, sculpted and brings a certain appeal with the buttery soft, smooth texture. High waist is like a secret little helper that gives a gentle tummy tuck without being uncomfortable. So when it comes to gift ideas for women - is it safe to go with leggings? Certainly much safer than any other garment, like sports bra (unless you know the exact size and fit she likes) or shorts (women are VERY specific about the kind of shorts they wear). Leggings are a bit more forgiving, even if you get the size wrong, it's not the end of the world - women can easily wear leggings a size smaller or bigger, they will just feel slightly different compression level but you avoid the inconvenience of her having to deal with a return. What design would she like? Well, here is a sneaky little tip - just look at the rest of her activewear collection. If she is only into solid colors, you probably won't be able to impress with an artistic piece in colors of the rainbow. On the other hand, she might be into floral prints, geometric prints or perhaps animal print. Or you can just get a gift card and enjoy the blissful safety... Here is the link to our gift cards: https://www.peace-lover.com/collections/gift-card/products/gift-card. They come in $59 which is usually the price of our yoga pants, or $110 - if you want to impress and become known as the super gifter :) You can then create a set by adding a matching sports bra (again, if you know the size) or a sweatshirt / hoodie / tank top in a matching color. We have arranged our leggings next to tops in complimenting colors for your convenience - see the "Printed leggings and tops collection".

You could also go for the accessories rather than active wear, like a gym bag or a packable windbreaker jacket. 

Happy shopping and get ready to impress!

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